In this module we take a first go at renewable energy forecasting, by looking at the fact there may be numerous accessible ways to generate forecasts, with already some acceptable performance. Even if that performance is not seen as acceptable, they will still comprise benchmarks (or reference approaches) to be outperformed when investing in more advanced approaches to renewable energy forecasting. Here in practice we cover

  • general aspects of renewable energy forecasting approaches
  • benchmark approaches
  • the use of (linear) regression for forecasting
  • exploring the data to pick input variables and use them in a clever manner

The module is composed of a set of video lectures. The module introduction gives an overview of the theme and topics to be covered. The lecture slides are also made available.

Module 9 - Module introduction

Module 9 - Generalities and benchmark approaches

Module 9 - Going further in a regression framework

Module 9 - Digging in the data