The International Journal of Forecasting welcomes submissions of relevance to the science and practice of forecasting, in line with the aims and scope of the International Institute of Forecasters. A broad range of papers are regularly considered, both methodological and applied, introducing new datasets and forecast competitions, as well as short communications, book reviews and interviews.

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Online supplements

For empirical studies, the description of the method and the data should be sufficient to allow for replication. Authors are requested to submit computer code and data which can be made available as an online supplement to the paper.

Appendixes containing additional results can also be made available as online supplements.

Online supplements for accepted articles are available on the ScienceDirect site.

LaTeX instructions

LaTeX submissions are encouraged.

  • Please use this template. More instructions about the elsarticle class and the various options (such as how to deal with authors having different addresses) are available on the Elsevier site.
  • Submit the paper as a pdf file. After a paper is accepted, we will request the tex file and other source files.
  • Use BibLaTeX or BibTeX to ensure all cited papers are listed in the bibliography.
  • Make sure all figures are saved in eps or pdf format. Do not use jpg or wmf formats.

MS-Word instructions

Microsoft Word files are also permitted.

  • Please ensure equations are saved as equation objects, not as graphics.
  • Figures should be of high resolution.
  • If you use EndNote for references, please use the APA style.