(Generation of power generation scenarios for planning and integration studies)

Distributed generation from renewable sources such as wind and solar are becoming increasingly popular. This has the potential to curb emissions and to alleviate the dependence on fossil fuels. However, generation of wind and solar power is notoriously uncertain. Furthermore this uncertainty is correlated across space and time. Thus in order to adequately model the uncertainty in a large generation system the spatio-temporal interdependence in renewable generation needs to be taken into account. This is important for many operational aspects of the electrical grid ranging for grid stability and management to trading electricity on energy markets.

In this project we address these issues by developing novel tools and models for forecasting and simulating distributed renewable energy generation. These models and tools will result in an open-source simulation tool for distributed renewable generation. It will then be used in operational and planning studies in the US.

Project duration: 2015-2016
Funding body: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), US