As more and more renewable energy generation is present in electricity markets, one ought to understand the resulting impact. With that objective in mind, it is first necessary to get a few aspects right, for instance related to what the electricity cost is composed of, and also to what may impact electricity markets more generally. Indeed, electricity markets were affected by weather and climate before renewable energy was part of the picture anyway.

In practice in this module we will go through

  • electricity cost and the cost structure
  • what impacts electricity markets generally (with focus on weather and climate)
  • how renewable energy generation affects market outcomes and dynamics
  • the simulation of such impact and the analysis of that impact from real market data

The module is composed of a set of video lectures. The module introduction gives an overview of the theme and topics to be covered. The lecture slides are also made available.

Module 5 - Module introduction

Module 5 - Electricity cost and cost structure

Module 5 - What impacts wholesale prices?

Module 5 - How do renewables impact electricity prices?

Module 5 - The impact of renewables : from simulation to reality