Renewables in Electricity Markets

At the Technical University of Denmark, I have developed and given for many years an M.Sc. course on “Renewables in Electricity Markets”. I am sharing here all material from the course, for those who would like to learn about this topic. The course covers some basics of electricity markets e.g. day-ahead and balancing markets, ancillary services, impact of renewables on markets, participation of renewable energy producers in electricity markets, as well as renewable energy analytics (mainly, forecasting).

The course is based on a set of modules with video lectures. There are also a number of exercise sessions to apply some of the ideas from the lectures. In addition, we have a set of interviews with people from industry, as well as former students, to motivate some of the learnings of the course.

Course Introduction

As part of the course introduction, you will find a number of video interviews of industry guests, which are to motivate the contents to be covered throughout the course.

The reason why we focus on renewables in electricity markets is that those relate to three of the major trends in the evolution of electric energy systems over the last 10-20 years, namely the large-scale deployment of renewable energy generation capacities, the deregulation of the electric power sector, and digitization. This has brought a wealth of challenges and opportunities in that sector, as reflected by the discussion with

  • Olivier Corradi (Tomorrow, a start-up company that wants consumer to appraise the climate impact of the daily choices they make)
  • Christophe Lephilibert (GetBarry, a new electricity retailer in Denmark that aims at changing the way we relate to electricity consumption)

Renewables in Electricity Markets - Interview with Olivier Corradi (Tomorrow)

Renewables in Electricity Markets - Interview with Christophe Lephilibert (GetBarry)