The peer-to-peer electricity market App


Please click on the following link if you want to see how a peer-to-peer electricity market would work: p2p App

With this R-shiny App, we are aiming to communicate in an easy, pragmatic and pedagogical manner, how future consumer-centric electricity markets could work. Here the market is based on a peer-to-peer setup, which means that any agent in the system (producer, consumer, prosumer) may negotiate with any other agent in terms of quantity and prices. Eventually, such electricity markets allow to differentiate prices for the trades, as for traditional bilateral contracts use by large agents in the electric power system, while also permitting to account for consumer preferences. These may for instance be related to energy type, localization, emission contents, etc. This R-shiny p2p App relies on 3 example setup as of now: a small community in North Jutland, a small community in Svalin (experimental location for the Energy Collective project), and a larger and more spread community on the island of Fynen – all in Denmark. We will add other communities as our work progresses, for instance for the island of Bornholm and the Nordhavn neighborhood in Copenhagen, locations where we would like to experiment further on consumer-centric electricity markets.

If any suggestions or comment on the p2p App, do not hesitate to contact me!