(Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems)

The main emphasis of research activities in CITIES is placed on supporting the Danish target of a 100% renewable energy system by 2050 with solutions for future smart cities. In particular, CITIES project will focus on developing a research center that will cover all aspects of the energy system, including gas, power, district heating/cooling and biomass in an integrated manner. The scientific aim is to provide solutions for the analysis, operation and development of fully integrated energy systems in various time scales and levels between any appliance and the total system.

In this context, the Energy Analytics & Markets group concentrates on new market mechanisms that need to be developed for the efficient operation of integrated energy systems in order to maximize social welfare while generating appropriate signals for further investments. The goal is to develop innovative market structures to optimally manage the energy system as a whole and to efficiently couple the individual energy markets, while accounting for each system’s own complexities and operational constraints. High uncertainty on both supply and demand sides will also be taken into account in these new market models.

The website of the project is

Project duration: 2014-2019
Funding body: Danish Council For Strategic Research, Denmark