Radar@Sea on YouTube!

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The Radar@Sea project (sponsored by the Danish Public Service Obligation – PSO) is looking at using radar images from a local area weather radar (LAWR) installed at the Horns Rev wind farm in Denmark in order to better characterize, model and forecast wind power fluctuations (for temporal resolutions of a few minutes to a few hours ahead).

Here is a small sample video where one can compare the evolution of wind power generation at Horns Rev with the radar images collected over a 2-day period… The wind farm is represented by the small white square near the middle of the radar images, while the “white stain” on the right is the coast of Western Jutland in Denmark, where the Horns Rev wind farm is located.

The link to the video as posted on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YShQDCdVykM

More results to come soon! – The Radar@Sea project team –